Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Visit Home, Birthday Freebies!

We're leaving today for a week-long visit with my family back in the Midwest, so things will probably be quiet around here until we go back (hence no Menu Plan Monday!). Hubs enjoyed his birthday a lot. I managed to get a free pedometer and a free pack of playing cards (with our dog's face on them!) by signing up for some freebies a couple of months ago, so that helped to supplement the lean birthday gift allowance.

I've found that keeping an eye out for those good deals throughout the year really helps with gift giving. iMommies is a good resource for finding these deals, but you have to request them well in advance, as freebies usually take about two months to arrive. Hubs actually jumped on the bandwagon over Christmas by surprising me with a little collection of perfume samples. It was a lovely, pampering little gift that didn't cost him anything but a little time.

So, wish us a safe and fun trip!