Monday, June 9, 2008

Party planning

We just received the last RSVP from our guests for dinner Saturday. It will be just two couples in addition to me and Hubs, and one woman is allergic to dairy. That puts the cheesecake out of the running!

Tell me, does anyone have any good summer dinner menus? The weather isn't acting very summery here, but we can at least pretend. Dinner will be indoors, probably, unless things warm up, so we don't have to worry about bugs. What are your go-to, frugal summer desserts, appetizers, entrees...? Hubs wants to serve Roman popcorn as an appetizer, but, although it's tasty, I'm hoping for something a little less "movie night." Plus, not everyone is a fan. Help!


cakeybakes said...

I love a spinach, red leaf and Boston bibb lettuces with Newman's Own Light Sun-dried tomato dressing! Throw in some salad shrimp, homemade croutons, crisp bacon and whatever else you like! Yummy!

Steamed (or grilled) asparagus with a lemon-butter sauce is a good veggie!

Grilled terriyaki salmon is also our favorite in the summer!

Arlecchina said...

Oo, those sound yummy! Asparagus has got me thinking... we talked last night about maybe grilling out, and we could toss those on the grill if the weather's nice. Thanks for checking out the blog! :-)