Saturday, June 7, 2008

A-yard-saleing we go!

I hit up three yard sales this morning, Hubs and the dog (Chase) in tow. Hubs definitely plays the part of the aloof, merchandise-carrying spouse, but if he offers to come, I figure he's enjoying himself! In any case, we take a nice drive around town and Chase hangs his head out the window.

Today Chase was a little under the weather. He had "minor surgery" yesterday to remove a benign tumor from his face. It looked exactly like a mole, and he'd had it for years, so we almost didn't mention it to the vet. It's a good thing we did!

The weather was cold and windy today (summer in Montana!) so we didn't browse long anywhere. I did manage to pick up two leather-looking trays and a pretty little dish for $2.50 total. The price stickers were still on: $14.99 each for the trays and $7.99 for the dish. Hurray!

We've been wanting trays to use for our dinners outside, since our outdoor "table" is just two small plant stands pushed together. I never expected to find anything this nice, but it's amazing how what we need (or want) will come to us if we're patient.


Anonymous said...

I love this site thingy ya got going!! This is great and great scores by the way those trays are awesome! I love yard sales there fun. I've been collecting a few things of my own actually in hopes of kinda doing the E-bay business thing. I've got a friend who makes at least $500 a week just by yard sales and goodwill's! So where are you guys moving too? Melody

aguafresco said...

Hi Laura. Very nice start. Keep it up and be patient. Frugality and simple living is something everyone needs more of. Most people believe that it is a good idea to raise developing nations to the standards of living the U.S. has, unfortunately there isn't enough stuff to do that, witness the cost of oil, unlimited demand for a limited resource. If we are all going to have cake we need to cut smaller pieces. Much happiness and joy for you and yours, Siempre.

Arlecchina said...

Thanks for the support! I'm hoping you guys will keep me honest, so if I stop posting, come and get me!

Siempre, I know, it's a bit depressing. The worst of it is the way developing nations like India are resisting emissions caps on the grounds that the West was allowed to develop unimpeded during the Industrial Revolution.

It's as if one child burns herself on a stove and the mother forbids the other child from touching the stove. And then the other child says, "But I want the right to burn myself!" /sigh