Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer at Last

A roadside flower stand downtown had a sign posted: JUNE SNOW BRINGS JULY FLOWERS. I hope that's true, since our cold snap has finally passed by and the snow on the mountains has melted. Today was hot and beautiful. I love skirt weather

We just bought me my first sewing machine, a Brother ES3000. We found it for $115 with a coupon code on, so I was very happy! Hubs is almost more excited about it as I am, since he's always wanted to learn how to sew. Right now I'm working on a "gathering apron" from The Cottage at Frog Creek. I'm feeling proud that I haven't managed to sew through my finger yet. I'll keep you posted!

To compare with this photo of our roasting black cat, here is a photo my husband took on his way to work last week:

See those big clouds and the snow on the mountains?

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cakeybakes said...

Hey! What a gorgeous scene! I would love to see it in person, but I know you have to be sick of the cool weather by now. Nothing but sun and 70's here lately. BTW, good luck with the sewing, I can't even get to my machine anymore (either of them). Crochet and pottery will have to do for now.